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DSF Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Denver Scholarship Foundation

Value: $3,500
Awards Available: 500
Deadline : May 01, 2023

The DSF Scholarship is a need-based scholarship for qualifying graduates of Denver Public Schools. The scholarship can be used at DSF’s 31 College Partners in Colorado, including technical, community, and four-year colleges and universities, and it is renewable for up to four consecutive years, depending on the type of college. Along with their scholarship award, DSF Scholarship recipients get personalized advising and support to guide them through college toward their education and career goals.

To qualify for the DSF Scholarship you must complete the initial application process within one year of your graduation from high school.

You must also meet the following requirements to be eligible for the scholarship:


  • a Denver Public Schools (DPS) high school for all four consecutive years before graduation, unless you transferred into DPS from another state or country while in high school.


  • from a DPS high school with a final cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, and meet DSF’s GPA requirement for your college type:
    • High School GPA at least 2.75
    • OR obtain DSF’s approval for an exception
    • High School GPA at least 2.5
    • OR obtain DSF’s approval for an exception
    • High School GPA at least 2.0


  • at one of DSF’s 31 College Partners in Colorado.


  • with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of 16,640* or less, as calculated by your college from your FAFSA, CASFA, or other financial aid application.
  • Please note that the EFC provided in your FAFSA or CASFA confirmation may be different from your college’s final calculation.
  • Once you meet DSF’s financial need requirement, you are considered to have met it for the remainder of your DSF eligibility, even if your EFC increases in future years.
  • *16,640 represents 250% of the 2023-24 maximum EFC to qualify for a Pell Grant and is subject to adjustment each year.


  • your college’s financial aid process for the upcoming school year by July 15.


  • your college’s requirements for Colorado residency (for in-state tuition or state aid).

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