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Boettcher Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Boettcher Foundation

Scholarship Value: $40,000
Awards Available: 42
Award Deadline : Nov 01, 2020

Our merit-based scholarships for Colorado high school seniors provide what is essentially a full-ride to any four-year institution in Colorado.

But the Boettcher Scholarship is about much more than financial support. We provide our scholars with unique opportunities to enhance their time in college, access to a broad network of successful alumni, and additional grants and experiences to jump start both their future careers and their leadership potential.

Upon receiving this Colorado scholarship, Boettcher Scholars automatically join a more than 60-year strong network of Boettcher alumni. Access to these alumni leads to great conversations, connections with local, national and international leaders, and can even turn into meaningful internships and jobs. We often hear from our scholars that the "Boettcher connection" helped them to find some of their best friends, business partners and future investors.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for the Boettcher Scholarship, you must meet these minimum requirements:

A) Be a graduating Colorado high school senior who has lived in Colorado for your junior and senior years of high school

B) Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States


Meet the requirements for Colorado ASSET AND one of (a) or (b) below:

A) Hold legal status in the United States; or

B) Meet the requirements and have applied or started the process of applying for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Selection Criteria

Once you apply, the Boettcher Foundation Scholarship selection committee judges each student on:

A) Superior scholastic ability

B) Evidence of leadership and involvement

C) Service to community and school

D) Outstanding character

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