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Merit Scholarships for Colorado Residents

Scholarship Sponsored by Colorado State University

Scholarship Value: $16,000
Awards Available: 2
Award Deadline : Feb 01, 2021

A total of $16,000 to $4,000 ($4,000 to $1,000 per year, half paid each semester-fall/spring) will be awarded to merit scholars who meet the selection and renewal criteria. Students may receive this award for up to a total of eight (8) semesters, or until their degree is complete, whichever comes first.


To be considered for resident merit awards, first-time resident freshmen must:

A) Be an admitted student to full-time degree seeking program on Colorado State University's main campus for the fall or spring terms. CSU Online students are not eligible.

B) Meet the stated academic criteria below. SAT scores refer to critical reading and math only; super-scoring may be used on ACT & SAT combined scores. Written sections are not considered for the SAT or the ACT.

C) Submit a complete application for admission by the priority date of February 1. Students who met the February 1 application date can submit new test scores and transcripts until May 1 to strengthen their scholarship eligibility.

D) Boettcher Scholars, finalists and semifinalists; National Merit finalists who list CSU as their first-choice institution with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation; National Hispanic Scholars and National Achievement Scholars who do not meet these criteria, will receive a Green and Gold Award.

E) Students can only receive either the Green & Gold or the Colorado Merit Scholarship (not both); if a student is awarded one scholarship and later qualifies for a higher award, the lower award will be cancelled.

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